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Ionic Detox Hand/Foot Baths

Feel better from aches and pain in just 30 minutes.
Bring friends and family for quality time and a renewing treat.
We are able to accommodate up to 5 people at once in our Bliss Relaxation Room.
Walk Ins Available

The Ionic Cleanse Detox Machine is a high-tech water detoxification system that facilities the body’s ability to heal itself. It is a water foot bath that utilizes steel electrodes which cleans, balances and enhances bio-energy. A water molecule is composed of two hydrogen atoms and one oxygen atom. When the molecule loses a hydrogen atom, the remaining OH molecule takes a negative charge. These negatively charged ions alkalize the blood and tissue and the lactic acid waste in the body gets drawn out.

Potential Benefits:

  • Less Fluid Retention

  • Reduction of Inflammation

  • Improved Memory

  • Improved Bladder Control

  • More Balanced pH

  • Stronger Immune System

  • Significant pain relief, inclusive but not limited to, arthritis, gout, and headaches 

  • Helps with brain fog, sluggishness, difficulty waking up

  • May Help Improve Sleep

  • Helps Clear Sinuses 

  • May Help Alleviate Skin Conditions: dull skin, rashes, eczema, psoriasis, acne

  • Pulls Out Candida 


  • Do not use if you have a battery operated implant

    • Do not use if you’ve received an organ transplant

    • Do not use if you’re pregnant or nursing

    • Not for use under the age of 8 years old

    • If you are a hemophiliac or epileptic

  • Consult with your doctor before use if:

    • You have heart disease or take heart medications 

    • People who are taking high blood pressure medication 

    • People on blood thinners 

  • If you have low blood sugar, eat before treatment

  • If you are taking medications, take them after your foot bath.

More Info:

  • 30 minute treatment $35 

  • Discounted rate for parties and multi session packages

  • Series of 12-14 recommended for best results

  • Drink plenty of water the 24 hours before and after your appointment

Book Your Detox Appointment or Party

You can book an appointment for yourself, you and a friend ("Couples"), or for 3-5 people with a party using the button below. Available almost any time. Walk ins welcome.

You can also add detox baths to a Spa Party if you want to add mini massages or facials but availability for that is limited to Friday and Saturday nights. To book that use the "Spa Party" button.