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About Us

Behind the Bliss


My name is Alexis Thomas and I am the owner and creator of Bliss Wellness. My favorite thing is to be out in nature. My happy places are the ocean and the woods which inspired my design aesthetic for Bliss- Ocean Meets Earth. I want people to walk in and feel immediately transported to a place of natural beauty, healing and relaxation.

I deal with fibromyalgia, endometriosis and severe anxiety and CPTSD. Bliss is a culmination of all of the tools that I use to keep herself  healthy and functional. I want to help other people find freedom through healing their bodies and nervous systems. 

I am from New Orleans, LA but I have lived in a few places across the South. My Dad and I lost everything in Hurricane Katrina. I moved back to be a part of the rebuilding process but my dad returned to his hometown of McComb.  In 2017, I moved up "temporarily" and fell in love with McComb- the laid back pace of life, the access to so much beautiful wilderness and best of all, the wonderful people.

Bliss Wellness is a dream come true.  I am able to offer a center for people to come ease the suffering of chronic pain and stress. I have been a massage therapist specializing in pain relief for 17 years. I have been doing yoga for 19 years and became a Registered Yoga Teacher in 2019. She applies her knowledge of the body and pain relief to create yoga classes designed to give people relief from chronic, aching pain and tension.  I also offer detox baths that pull out a lot of inflammation from the body and definitely decreases my chronic pan level. 

Helping give people a better quality of life is my priority.

I have a small Nutrition shop but IT IS NOT HERBALIFE.  I have redesigned the teas so they are made with healthy ingredients and don't have dangerously high levels of taurine and stevia.  My teas are flavored with organic dried fruits. I even have an entire caffeine free energy line and a relaxation tea.  People love how good they taste - no hint of that artificial sweetener! 

You are welcome to come to in for loaded tea, massage, yoga or to detox and experience the bliss.

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