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Healthy Boundaries

Healthy Boundaries are our intention of the week. Often anxiety, exhaustion and chronic pain come from not knowing how to set boundaries that protect your wellbeing. Many of us grew up in environments where we had to take care of the adults around us for things to feel stable and safe. That turns us into adults who feel like we have to take care of the needs of everyone else before our own. We will also attract narcissistic friends who need to be taken care of constantly from self inflicted drama which falls right into the pattern and role we are all too used to playing from childhood.

While it is noble to care for others, we must give from our overflow not from our cup. You deserve to keep your “cup” (yourself) filled with the love you so freely pour into others. Healthy boundaries help us accomplish this by knowing it is okay and appropriate for you to take time to renew and refill yourself - even if that means saying no to others.

I am still learning how to set boundaries and how to do it with kindness. It’s a learning process - a continual practice of self witnessing, self love and self growth.

Know that you are valuable and deserve to be treated with love and respect. People will treat you how you allow them to which is why healthy boundaries are so important. You are allowed to say no. You are allowed to uninvite people from your life. You can heal yourself. You can be everything you want. That is your power.

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