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Your Best is Enough

Everything I deserve is coming to me- my best is enough! is our intention of the week. Often we put a lot of pressure and judgement on ourselves to be productive all the time but nothing in nature blooms continuously.

It is important that we feel worthy simply be existing - we are human beings, not human doings after all.

Our feelings and mental monologue create a huge piece of our reality. Open yourself up to believing wonderful and unexpected blessings can flow into your life and be awed at what goodness can enter your life when you let go of gripping tightly to control and open your hands to be able to receive from universal abundance.

We work deeper into these themes in our yoga classes.

Experience yoga designed to decrease anxiety, relieve tension, aching, & chronic pain plus fill your spirit with peace and positivity.

Designed and taught by Alexis Major, licensed medical massage therapist specializing in pain relief for 15 years.

Come experience the Bliss difference!

Wednesday 5:45 pm Nidra and Chill- 90 min restorative yoga and guided meditation. Leave deeply relaxed.

Thursday 6:45 pm Sweat and Sculpt- 60 min unique combination of joint protective warm u first to prepare you for a power yoga and Pilates fusion. Then we cool down and massage out tension and inflammation with a guided full body foam roll. EXERCISE WITH NO NEXT DAY PAIN!

Leave loose and energized.

Friday and Saturday nights - Private yoga classes, date nights and spa parties by appointment

Saturday 9:30 am Bliss Basics- beginner friendly, foundational yoga class. Slow flow with lots of detailed instructions on how to get into the pose properly. 60 minutes. Leave relaxed and cheerful.

All classes end in neck and head mini massage with aromatherapy. Yoga mat and props provided.

All classes are beginner friendly. Only 6 people per class for an unintimidating experience.

Schedule online as space is limited.

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